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Alan Arkin & Christopher Lee | Evil Midnight

Long before the great Big Bang
There was evil in the Void
Long before the first bird sang
Evil was enjoyed

Christopher Lee | Name Your Poison

If you don’t name your poison
I’ll have to get the boys in
The spirit of adventure opens ones eyes
If you don’t name your poison
I’ll have to get the boys in
And you’ll never see another Tequila Sunrise

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Eagles | Journey of the Sorcerer

Dance, Christopher, dance!

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William Shatner & Joe Jackson | Common People

Alleine für dieses grandiose Pulp-Cover möchte ich Captain Kirk einen Altar bauen! :D

Planet P Project | Static

Nine Inch Nails vs. Rick Astley | The Hand That Gives You Up

Get the free mp3 here.

Jeff Mills & Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra (full show)

Classic meets Techno in concert - with superb results!

Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano & Moritz von Oswald | Versus 2.0

Ein anderthalbstündiges Leckerli zur Nacht für Freunde elektronischer Livemusik. Das ist schon irgendwie grandios, was die drei hier zusammenrühren…

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